Waking conscience.

I walked for miles and miles yet still found no peace.

My soul, searching, hungry, yearning to somehow be at ease,

Then I saw a light in the far distance, beckoning me at once.

I ran towards it with a new found hope that possibly this was another chance.

Upon reaching nearer to the light my feet became heavy as iron shackles around them had appeared.

I took every step with great difficulty yet reaching out to the light and praying that it would not dissappear.

My feet becoming heavier my eyes filled with tears.

I began to pull at the shackles my heart filled with fear.

The shackles gripped my struggling hands and darkly called out my name.

“my host I am your soul’s desire your nafs and I am not to blame.

You chose me over Salaah and the Qur’an and the hereafter in exchange for a small worldly gain.

You may try to fight you may try to escape, but you can see now it is all in vain.

I will not leave you, I shall not leave you because your nafs is needy I have looked deep into your heart and found that you are greedy.

You lit this flame, I just whispered your name I am your souls desire your nafs and I am not to blame”.

The shackles binding me more tightly as the dark voice continued to speak.

The voice getting louder in my head, I let out a painful scream calling out to my Merciful Lord “Ya Rabbul Alaimeen”, with this I fell in prostration weary and weak.

It seemed like an age had passed and the pain was no longer there.

I awoke to find myself in prostration on a white marble floor, breathing in the clean air.

The shackles had gone and I was dressed in white.

I stood up and took in the grand splendour of the room and there once again appeared the light.

I walked towards the light, fear gripped me once again but I did not stumble.

A strength like no other had entered my heart and soul making me feel humble.

The light shone between two large white pillars, and it began to fade as I drew near

A stone pedestal revealed itself as the light continued to fade and clear. 

I reached out too touch the light I was in awe of its beauty,

The magnificent light continued to fade ever so slowly but still had a blinding brightness which was oozing purity,

I continued to smile at its wonder indeed it was not made by any man,

I touched the light with both my hands when something turned out my palms.

The light then vanished I dropped my gaze to see that I was holding the Qur’an.

I stared in amazement and looked around,

But the magnificent light had vanished and not even a sound.

I looked towards the magnificent marble pillars which revealed on them eloquently the word of purity engraved,

That There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammed (PBUH) is the messanger of Allah.

These words were written with such beauty that I became enslaved.

I cried tears of joy, holding the Qur’an to my chest.

My merciful Lord had shown me the straight path putting my fears to rest.

I fell in prostration again crying, crying remorseful at my weaknesses and happy that my Merciful Lord gave me a chance to repent

I thank my Merciful creator because I know what this meant,

I woke up from the dream,

I woke up to find that I had fallen on Siraat-E-Mustaqim.

When will we wake up. Allah knows best.


Allah is close.

All around you, inside you beside you
Allah is close.

Ever Listening, ever Forgiving full of Mercy
Allah is close.

Closer than your heartbeats closer than the very air you breath
Allah is close.

Open your eyes, close your eyes look harder look with ease
Allah is close.

In your happiness in your grievances in your smiles and your tears
Allah is close

reach out to Him, call out to Him without a doubt
Allah is close.

Thank Him for all your successes and ask forgiveness for any transgresses indeed Allah is close.

Allah is close very close look around you and you’ll see.
Allah is close, Allah is everywhere one only has to see.

Where are they now?

I cried and cried and cried some more.

I pained, ached and pained some more.

I looked far I looked around and looked further more.

I picked up the pieces I gathered up all the hate I continued to feel the pain and felt nothing more.

I felt nothing more.

Nothing more.

Whisperer in the shadows.

Where are you hiding now? Behind a corner in my dreams or are you waiting to come out in the darkest places of my nightmares.

Wretched whisperer in the shadows with all your malcontent against my kind, trying to mislead them as they go about their daily affairs.

Plotting, scheming and steering mans conscience so you can overtake their hearts with your evil design.

Wretched whisperer in the shadows, so full of jealousy, hate and pride.

You called me from the left you called me from the right you even called me from behind.

I was wrong to listen I was wrong to let you in I should have seen your an enemy of mine.

You sought to destroy me, you set out to break my resolution you battled with me and looked to turn me against my faith.

But my Lords will is different He has given me strength that you can never know, so however lost you think I am I will always be saved.

Wretched whisperer in the shadows you won’t rest until you see me in hell fire.

By my Lords will, I will seek shelter with him from your accursed ways and from all your evil desires.

You corrupt the hearts of men with greed and false promises and show them paths which are glamorised and glittered.

Yet the misfortunate path that they blindly tread on little do they know that with stone and fire it is littered.

Wretched whisperer in the shadows you will never ever succeed I pray to my Merciful Lord to save us all from you and to help us increase our good deeds.